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Communications Relay, LLC

Communications Relay, LLC provides rack space for repeater equipment in the greater Los Angeles area, as well as Orange county. We have excellent locations for maximizing your current signal coverage.

Communications Relay, LLC maintains eight communication towers in several cities shown on the map.These towers range from 180 to 500 feet in height and are of heavy-duty design. Towers up to 54-inch face width are available for lease at a variety of height considerations.  Each tower site has a secure building at its base, usually of metal or concrete, to house the communications equipment. Some companies bring in their own buildings for large installations such as broadcast or cellular. Almost all of our tower properties are enclosed in a secure fence and have alarm protection. Many of our sites have generator backup for continuous power. 

Our towers are available on a rental basis to two-way radio dealers, wireless ISPs, end-users, paging and repeater companies. The towers are designed for multi-user operation and space is available for your repeater equipment.